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Welcome to Height8 Technologies. A leading product-based telecom software company. Height8 is I S O Certified nine thousand one, two thousand fifteen. Specialized in providing Telecom O S S B S S solutions, CRM Solutions, Wifi Solutions, and Cloud Solutions. We offer forward-looking, user-friendly, highly competitive products and services tailored to the needs and requirements of the organization. Incorporated in 2010, Height8 has customers in over 17+ countries, a Technically sound team of more than 80 employees with 35+ years of experience. H8 IP-based solutions include Triple Play Services, Broadband Services, IPTV Services, Carrier-Grade Wifi Services, Leaseline services, VOIP Services, Cable TV and DTV Services, Wifi Offload, Smart City Wifi, Wifi Monetization, Cloud Wifi, and, OTT Services. Our products include H 8 S S R M S, SaaS O S S / B S S, H 8 Lite, H8 3 D M, H 8 Triple A, H 8 D M M S, I CRM, and H8 Wifi. We provide various third-party integrations like Payment Gateway, SMS Gateway/Messaging system, Email Gateways, OTT Players, IVR System, C A S/D R M/Middleware, Voice System, Network management system/Element Management System, Value Added Services, Accounting System, Network Element, and Wallet System. Our vision is To be the World’s Most Trusted telecom software company and deliver with extreme security, scalability, and flexibility. Our mission is To bring innovative ideas and award-winning solutions helping our clients bring profitability and reduce costs on all IP-based networks. Our values include Customer commitments as a core. Deliver with precision, passion, and pace. Co-create and grow with customers & partners. A global family that values diversity. Our team is composed of developers, Quality Assurance engineers, Support executives, Project managers, and Marketing Strategists. We have understood and responded to the business needs of organizations not only in India but internationally as well. Our clients are from United States, Germany, UAE, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Seychelles, Nepal, Myanmar, South Africa, Denmark, and Taiwan. In India, we have clients and partners from Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Delhi, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Odissa, Kerala, Uttar Pradesh, and West Bengal. We have reached so far with 12000+ Hotspots, more than 8 Million connected users, more than 270 million user sessions, and more than 8 Petabytes of data downloaded. Social responsibility and employee engagement are an integral part of Height8. Various activities are designed and festivals are celebrated throughout the years to keep the employee happy. Thus, bringing out the best of the best. We strongly believe in Inspire, Innovate, Develop and then deliver any service. We follow the mantra of "Always Delivering more than what has been promised." Contact us for a demo of our solution.