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Hello Learner. Hope. you have completed watching all videos by now. If not. Then I would request you to watch them carefully. though they are bit diverse. Also. If you are from the finance field. you may find them selective. Or. may be abstract. Or Perhaps. showcasing only one side from the wealth industry. Or Even slightly unconnected to the main stream subject. But Still. We want to draw your attention to the core objective behind this program. Which is. to create awareness amongst the masses. Who are not from finance or economics background. Who are totally ignorant about what is happening in the economy. Rather. this is immaterial for them. Because. they are so occupied in their routine. That. they will never attempt to explore it also. Moreover. they are so busy solving their day to day real life challenges. That. they cann’t even think of peeping into spectrum outside their world. That is why. this whole exercise is designed from the perspective of explaining uncommon things to these common men. Who are seeking solutions. And. not the philosophies. They hardly get time to learn new things. So. loading them further under the burden of lectures and studies. might make them unresponsive. That is why. we tried to make this course short and simple. But. You will see some interesting things here. some secret messages to you. subtly crafted. and planted in our course material. we want you to find out them. And. share with us in our one-to-one interaction with you. We are sure that. though this process, you will find answers to what you are searching for. And. we are there with you in all your journey and adventures. to guide you a full way out. This is our resolution and assurance for you. Do send your Feedback and Suggestions. with your affirmation and resolutions to us. Do stay connected. Thank you very much for patient listening. See you soon. With warm regards. Project Administrator. Team Fiscalplan dot in.