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There are over one million kinds of animals on Earth. Scientists are still finding new kinds of insects and fish. However, some kinds of animals are in danger of dying out. These animals are called endangered. If they die out, they are called extinct. Dinosaurs are believed to become extinct because of changes to the world’s climate. I think the main reason for animals becoming endangered is humans because they are destroying the places where animals live. The population of the world is increasing rapidly. People need food, clothing and housing. We are cutting down trees in the forests to build houses. Then, we use the land to grow food. Farms and cities replace forests and jungles so the animals have nowhere to live and no food to eat. People have always hunted animals for food. Elephants are sometimes hunted for their tusks. Other animals are hunting because they destroy crops. Pollution caused by humans also kill animals. Farmers use chemicals that pollute the land and river and so it kills the fish. Factories pollute the air because of the smoke. The government should protect the animals from being endangered.