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<speak>Countableand Uncountable nouns:</speak>---Countablenouns refer to those nouns which we can count, for example: books, desks, pens, litres, dogs, cars and people.---•<speak>Countablenouns can be singular or plural, for example: ‘a dog’, ‘the dogs’. •Singular countablenouns must use either a definite article (‘the’), an indefinite article (---ey---or--an---) or an adjective pronoun (‘my’, ‘your’, ‘his’, ‘our’ etc.) in front of them in a sentence. •Pluralcountable nouns can omit an article or adjective pronoun, for example: ‘I like cakes, ‘He repairs cars at the garage’, ‘They take pens to school’. •Words denoting quantity can be used with countablenouns. For example: ‘a few’, ‘many’, ‘lots of’, ‘not many’. (E.g. ‘We read lots of books’) </speak>