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Moniba Afzali ( was born in October7, 2007) is a song-writer. She is celebrated for her music compositions and Poets. Moniba has become the most popular Iranian composer and also she won some awards in past years. Moniba grew up in Sari and she started taking piano classes, there. She studied music in high school and performed in many places. She immigrated to another country and had her first songs in her 20s. Some musics she composed include: moonlight, youth, a heaven in hell, my woman and Delilah. Moniba also wrote songs for singers such as the neighborhood, Mac Demarco, Cigarette after sex and Artic monkeys. She got famous for her song named Desiree. Moniba has published 5 books by now. She began writing since she was 14 and she gained a local writing competition. Moniba's poems were from her deep feelings. Dirty soul, one more hour, tears before death, Silver and silk and Amnesia are her loved poems. "Childhood" Moniba was born in 10 p.m. at Nime Shaban hospital. It was a bit early for her to put her feet in this world so She spent 2 months in hospital. No one thought she would stay alive but little Moniba fought and started the journey. She got asthma in the age of 5 till 10. Moniba has a bald part in her head which was for a bad accident. Her mother was a tailor and her father owned some Sports Complex. She has a young sister and a young brother. An interesting matter about her education Years was that she went to kindergarten for over 3 years. So no surprise she is a genius. "Personal life " Moniba started learning English in the age of 13. She took it hard because she wanted to immigrate. Moniba always was thankful of her English teacher who become a close friend after a while. Then, When she was in 7th grade she understood that she is interested in composition. But she was scared to make a wrong choice. Afterwards Moniba and her father went to an music academy to get some advices. Then they decided to buy a piano and she started up learning. Moniba enjoyed school unlike other people, because she could feel the time passing and her growing up. She also had some friends who made her become who she is now. First of all, the school friends included: Parmida, Saba, Fateme, Mrs. Habibi and Mrs. Ghorbani; Fateme was a mysterious ass girl and Parmida was the one who Moniba would go in a relationship with.(just for fun) and the best and funniest, Saba the queen. Moniba says that Saba made her life fun enough to become friend with. Finally, Mrs. Habibi and Mrs. Ghorbani were her two favorite teachers. Especially Mrs. Habibi which was a female version of Severus snape. "End" Moniba was always a person who searched comfort places. It could be a hug, her bed or walking alone. She just wanted somewhere to be escape from judgments and criticisms. That was the main reason she went through Art world; To express the ideas and feelings into sounds. Voices from inside which couldn't be heard in other ways. She was talking about the feeling which Cooper in intestellar had when he saw the new earth. Or the pride in Harry's eyes when he watched his children going to Hogwarts. As she said This is what life means.