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The Faire paints an auditory scene of depression, drugs, loving an elusive, mysterious man (or men) and clinging to a single thread of faith. All written alone, these records narrate an undeniably authentic journey through life's ups and downs, which the up's appear to be rare and inbetween. His signature vocal style is hauntingly sad, hypnotic, and indisputably spell-binding. His obvious talent is lyricality. Cleve, and cryptic - he has a gift for audible illustration. And with all it’s intricacy, you need not be musical connoisseur to detect the dark depths of sorrow and ache, even heard in even his more optimistic efforts, which at an ear’s glance, can sound brighter in tune. This seems to be a carnival trick he’s performed repeatedly through the album’s duration. With this, he has mastered a "smoke and mirrors" type of trickery where he transcends the listener to a heavenly realm… on the wings of hellishly dark lyrics…supported by euphoric instruments and a dreamy vocal performance… which collaboratively serve as a veil, masking the nightmarish truth behind them. Indirectly, this speaks to what may have been practiced throughout his personal journey. Relying on the survival method of normalizing upsetting events, moments and thoughts until they become a blur, and lost in oblivion - where he may believe everything to be fine. If true, he seemingly keeps himself there with dead-end romances….drug use, that at different intervals, seems regretful and other times, almost arrogantly unapologetic, and lastly, by deciding to quit reality all together, making nostalgia his dedicated safe place, where he is in complete control of his happiness by deciding which day, and time, possibly to the very hour, that will take the place of the current timeline in which he lives. This can be heard in songs like “Dear Florida”, and “Valerie’s”.