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The second door.. tint of existence.. It is a special kind of alchemy..out of this world..comes from a strange world..pigmented from a divine kerodoss saturated with a radiant blue weather with a piercing light..from a star whose frequencies fill man with charges with a feeling that strikes the self with a glow completely different from what humans deal makes you A being searching for depth has dimensions that are not of this world. All that you have witnessed before of existential coexistence and experiences have become outdated..At this stage, after the birth of the soul outside the second, multi-lived death, the world has become more intelligent than you expect..This world is different from you and tempts you with a special kind of understanding that exceeds the perceptive sense and needs a demote and energy from After sparkly, it permeates and hammers selves under a psyche in the depths of gives you a different understanding of life..renewed and carries with it super-existential worlds..this crimson is not transferred from one person to another, but rather is self-realization and intelligence.. It relates to this indescribable becoming that increases your astonishment. The layers of the self are endless and very rich. Now I will write in a different style so that the language is higher in its intuitive levels.. There are supra-existential hymns now descending upon your consciousness. She is out of mind. beyond imaginations.. They are dynamic flowing charges above multiplicity, opening up vivid inner reservoirs that increase your brilliance. There is a mental and life map of the world that accepts everything and above everything and has endless worlds.. Gaia or the hypothesis of the cosmic and human libido, a lot of vital and brilliant interaction, super becoming and multi-directional.. self-intuition, sparkly, very intelligent, inspiring, and has an evolutionary self-life.. What makes this map a scientific precedent in the third millennium.. the universe arose through the natural selection of atoms and structures. Existentialism, morality and humanity..has allowed the emergence of geographic patterns, living organisms and intelligent genetic mutations in creation since billions of ages.. These groups included social and civilized structures of living beings, humans and nature. Whoever touches this awareness or intelligent diversity does not stop creating and creating and has the end open forever..there are also intelligent gestalts born from intelligent genetic mutations as a result of the interaction of creative chaos..that allowed vital patterns In cellular structures, whether in single-celled organisms or multicellular organisms, and devices.. they have formed living societies at various levels in nature, including humans.. These clever Gaias tell you about yourself and they need something strange from the living organism that may be called authenticity or complacency in the same way.. It thus allows you to more gambling or strangeness or adventure with it and not be satisfied with what you reach as a living being, similar to the struggle for survival or natural selection.. Therefore, you need to walk and interact against the prevailing trend, in multiple and creative directions, with selective and interactive intelligence, in an open manner, and with a structure capable of adapting, adapting, and transforming to what is more sustainable, vital, or natural or supernatural intelligence. After that, you, as a living being, have an inner structure or a creative, dynamic developmental nature that aspires to other advanced worlds beyond this world, not as first physics as this life, but rather second, third and fourth degree physics and so on.. There is a hypothesis called the whole theory. This hypothesis includes physics, chemistry, biology, geography, geology, psychology, and mathematics.. This hypothesis talks about a cosmic equation in which all these sciences merge and occur together at the same time.. It is the universe, my friend.. The constantly interacting living existence. To infinity.. In fact, I did not find a writer or researcher who wrote about this hypothesis, which is the reality of the universe.. After the foregoing, the construction and adoption of this becoming is an event...before the third millennium that allows the emergence of human, societal and individual patterns completely different from what exists.. The process of liberation from prevailing and prevalent beliefs, whether social or religious Or cultural is a very important thing.. to allow the previous construction to progress and spread in this era.. These assumptions… respect your intelligence, identity, and the different aspects of you and offer you an open and rich freedom of attitudes, interactions, structures and processes so that you make your living imprint as a human being..a unique being destined for vital perfection and capable of adopting worlds, perceptions, patterns or entities in your living structure heading towards higher levels. In evolution, natural selection is beyond is not a dream, but an infinite living building compatible with mother nature, creation, and gods that are considered infinite and characterized by omnipotence and beyond human senses.. Thus, we can speak aloud that there are multiple semiotics of intelligence and self-creation in living tissues and structures, whether of nature, living organisms or humans that make the future an amazing and enjoyable destination that accepts many entities and differs from each other, as a unique congenital imprint capable of superior development and different from her peers.. Unfortunately, the prevailing pattern in this era bears many copies that resemble each other and repeat some of them in a naive and backward manner, so that they make the living being a stupid image. Or it is useless and does not respect the ability of the gods to create.. These living patterns will inevitably be destroyed by natural selection and the living evolution of living organisms. Genes, patterns and biological structures that exceed perceptions will be generated from nature, carrying extraordinarily intelligent devices and capabilities, including food, immune, nervous, kinetic or psychological systems to include multiples and different areas. Completely different from the prevailing pattern in the current era..but this development is not measured in a year or ten years, but rather it takes a long time, such as a hundred years or more.. The hypothesis of reincarnation after death is a hypothesis adjacent to the previous hypotheses that allow the organism to continue with death, birth, transformation, re-formation, growth and provision of genetic mutations that create a new dimension of existence. This existence is very intelligent and infinite.. it respects your intelligence and your mind.. where consciousness is a creative thing that must be respected. It is the only gift of man that God has given him to make him a being heading towards a dynamic, living development that differs from the present and allows the emergence of models or entitiesAnd cellular structures and a new nature.. Therefore, you have to destroy the old prevailing patterns and build new ones that depend on reconfiguration from different, varied and random sources, to allow the emergence of new entities that have not previously appeared.. The mind of nature and the mind of man are merging Rather, the human mind is far beyond nature, so it has sovereignty and is the successor of God. Mixing with existence and removing the allows an energy of unknown nature that has strange features and multiple interactions and properties..created by the Creator, but it appears only to the one who transcends the many veils in his consciousness and abilities.. Mixing is only the beginning..and then begins an endless fun journey that depends on an amazing formula and color of existence and man, allowing the generation of energies and a strange, dazzling and amazing is difficult to describe, making the world and other worlds something like no other.. The more and more diversified your knowledge and experiences, whether scientific, human or natural, the more new entities appear to you, more like a unique creation process that has never appeared before.. Trial and error and the use of various transactions with different orientations and environments make the process of formation and creation of various studies, experiences and coexistence, whether mental or practical.. An unparalleled creative process.. The results are not calculated infinitely.. It uses logarithms, permutations and combinations of many scientific and physical constructions, which constitutes an amazing world.. If you suffer from difficulty in perceiving this proposition due to psychological, mental or life closures..I humbly extend my hand to you to empty your cup and strive to overcome the obstacle or stage you are standing ascend to your orbit higher and more awaken spiritually and existentially. The process of awakening requires self-study, selective research, and awareness of a special kind.. It casts aside all resistance processes around you or thoughts that do not embrace this open awareness.