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Mesoderm December 2021 By mouien el sousi Dedicated to all truth seekers. The first Door: self search.. Happiness arises from our perception of ourselves and the world in which we live, so I put in your hands the opportunity to research everything to discover a special experience.. it's you/you shamans The beginning of everything lies in the descending and vital creation, from the realm of heaven.. so it is necessary to be alone until The mother gate opens.. Here where the soul and body have an important role in receiving this descent.. A new era begins from returning to the spirit of the earth and the universe.. I describe this as life embedded in a cosmic consciousness.. The drumbeat prepares The soul to receive divine inspirations, after an intimate time passes, begins to enter a state of consciousness..more Mysterious, making your hearing a window to the shaman..this is an ancient tribe of the first wizards who They live in the Americas.. the internet has made it possible to hear their voices..they are coming..they are beating the drums Announcing the start of a new era. The shaman needs spiritual symbols that ferment the soul towards redness, thus igniting the sacred fire Inside you.. something like the emergence of another phase of consciousness, a buzzing and rattling sound that secretes vocabulary from the subconscious, Where the interior is open from the universe, from the fourth heaven in particular.. where the souls of the first shamans.. Agige makes the feeling close to mud and rusty brown, I walk a little in this case.. Something begins to emerge.. It is the mother nature of the first man, who was one with nature.. silence.. access.. fermenting.. redness.. Land.. Clay.. Shaman music. After a while you feel that nature has become inside you, you hear the sound of trees, wind, inanimate objects, Mountains, something indescribable, as if they go back to the origin... Mother Nature... You don't need a coach to explain the origin to you.. but more of this strange and mysterious case.. it's Exciting.. pushes you into the real world of things.. the folds of the body are spiritual.. This experience..changes consciousness and makes it receive..other is the origin of everything ..the source..or the mother world..the breathing and heartbeat begin to harmonize with life..we feel each other in a different way..more aware of what is around us and what is inside us.. After a period.. Cells begin to move to another phase, through live vibrations, where carbon is transferred The organic to a state of bio-resonance increases the flow of living matter..the origin..and the crust begins The brain and heart cells secrete chemicals that act as an existential transmitter of consciousness. Now the drums start sending a charged feeling..the consciousness of the's the gate..mmm Perhaps this weather seems unfamiliar to many.. It is a natural selection among humans.. Read this The words are candidate to be part of the cosmic brotherhood in the third millennium AD.. Oh, the sound of a cosmic vibration.. Super nervous perceptions begin to descend.. Here is the legend of Gaia and the truth The universe.. it's live vibrations in everything, it seems that the world is different.. as if you were born again.. Some of the deep silence.. entering the shaman's world.. awake, full of cosmic ecstasy.. evaporated. Old feelings are born again.. it is a special kind of wine.. you feel about yourself.. The leader of the Shaman tribe lived several hundred previous lives..and became one with nature .. ignites a fire from time to time.. and contemplates the sky.. by this the shaman limps to a glowing cosmic nebula.. the movement slows down.. the universe is inhabited.. he enters into a state of great nirvana.. then the separations disappear.. the fabric of the universe begins to dangle.. from the ceiling of the sky A crackling sound..hollow and full of chants.. reverberating around the shamanic makes matters more mysterious..silence and listening to the universe..