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Why Tata Motors Share Price Is Falling... Shares of Tata Motors have been in a downtrend for quite some time. Tata motors hit a 52 week high of Rs. 536 a few months ago and since then the stock has been falling continuously. Many large investors hold this stock in their portfolios. Since it is one of the biggest automobile manufacturing companies in India, the fall has been worrisome for many stakeholders. In this article, we list down some of the reasons for the fall in the share price of Tata Motors; Reasons for Fall · The shortage of semiconductor chips is of the biggest concerns for Tata Motors. The shortage is caused due to pandemic and higher usage of semiconductor chips in advanced vehicles. Overcoming the shortage of chips will take time as manufacturing them is a complex task. Till then the price of Tata Motors may remain under pressure. · The ongoing war between Russia-Ukraine has led to instability in Europe where Tata Motors has a decent market share. The demand and production are expected to be disrupted in the European market due to rising costs and inflationary concerns. · The demand in the Chinese market is another cause of concern for the company. If the sales numbers fall in the Chinese market fall in line, it would be a respite for the company. · The ever going competition in the Indian domestic market may also be another reason for the pressure on the stock pressure. However, the sales of commercial vehicles by Tata Motors have been on the rise in the domestic market but the competition is keeping the company and stock price on their toes. The above mentioned are some of the reasons for the fall in the stock price of Tata Motors. Going forward if there is a positive development on any front, the stock price may rebound. Many brokerage houses have a positive outlook on the future of Tata Motors. In the coming months, it would be interesting to see the movement of Tata Motors stock price.