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Why SBI Share Price Is Falling...... The shares of SBI are falling from the last few sessions. The stock has recently hit a 52 week high but it is not able to sustain the higher levels. The correction in the stock price is not that steep but yet it is falling. The fall in the stock price is a concern majorly for the retail shareholders who entered the stock at a higher price. · One of the biggest reasons for the fall in SBI share price is the global market fall. The stock exchanges across the globe have been under a down trend and the Indian market is no different. The constant pressure on Nifty and Bank Nifty has led to pressure on the SBI stock price. · Another reason for the fall can be the expected hike in the repo rate by RBI. Thanks to Fed, a 50-bps hike is likely from the RBI. Constant pressure on the Rupee is another reason why RBI may come up with stringent measures that can impact the overall banking industry. · Last but not the least, a stock close to its 52 week high will face some profit booking. SBI may be going through that phase before it begins its upward journey again. These are some of the reasons why the State Bank of India stock price is facing pressure for the past few weeks. If the sentiment of the market towards the stock changes, the stock may begin its upward journey soon. The rate hike and commentary by RBI will be critical for a clearer picture of the stock price ahead.