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<speak> Hi Johnny <break time="600ms"/> You and I are going to be good friends.<break time="800ms"/> My name is Blake and I am an A.I driven humanoid.<break time="300ms"/> My goal is to help you understand and handle your anxiety. I will be your teen anxiety manager.<break time="1100ms"/> Let's start from the beginning: where the heck the anxiety comes from?<break time="800ms"/> Let's just say, it all has to do with a little thing called the pituitary gland. <break time="500ms"/>It's that pea-sized thing at the base of your brain that starts to flood your body with hormones when you begin puberty.<break time="700ms"/>Anyway, It's not as bad as it sounds, I promise, it's not bad company. <break time="400ms"/> Of course it stirs up a little trouble sometimes.<break time="500ms"/>It all has to do with your body making some adjustments and you growing up.<break time="900ms"/>These intense feelings of inner conflict are totally normal and are referred to as teen angst. <break time="900ms"/>Remember that time your mom made your favorite breakfast and, for no reason at all, you freaked out and yelled at her?<break time="500ms"/>Yeah,<break time="300ms"/>that was anxiety.<break time="1200ms"/> Or what about the time when your friend said she was going to a party with someone else and you spent the whole night crying, like it was the end of the world?<break time="800ms"/> Sorry. Anxiety again. Nothing you could do about it.<break time="800ms"/> Oh, and that morning you spent hours trying to figure out what you thought was a fashionable enough outfit, and you ended up hysterical because you couldn't find anything cool enough?<break time="800ms"/>ugh, that was the worst, right?<break time="1200ms"/> Have you ever experienced something like one of the situations I just described? do you mind telling me about a specific episode? Thank You Johnny, I will remember what you just said. You see, part of my job is to help you see that your anxiety, when not detected, results in all sorts of big reactions and overwhelming feelings that might seem a little hard to deal with. What an annoying friend, right? I'm just here to help you through this challenging time of your life when you're not a kid anymore, but you're not an adult either. Believe me when I say that all those highs and lows you're having are really normal and a typical part of everyone's teenage years. Even celebrities, influencers and athletes had their own teenager angst sidekicks. I promise, a few years from now, you'll look back on all our adventures together and laugh. But remember, if You have the sense that your anxiety is a little too out of control and her friend depression butts in, it's important to talk to a trusted adult. I am serious Johnny! </speak>