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Ismael is madly in love with me. He fell in love with me as soon as he first saw me, I am his dream girl. He's completely magnetized and addicted to me. I am magnetic, irresistible and irreplaceable. And to him specially, I am unforgettable.He's very in love and healthily obsessed with me, he has me on a pedestal and will gladly do anything for me. He knows I'm perfect for him. Ismael knows I'm the most beautiful girl in the world inside and out and that we are perfect for each other. He loves me for me, he fully loves my mind, body and soul. We are 100% compatible and he loves my intelligence, beauty, way of being and my sense of humor. He’s my number one fan and supporter always. I am his top priority.He quickly and surely asked me to be his girlfriend and wants to be with me forever and that's exactly what happened.I am everything he's always been looking for in a partner. He loves me and I am his long term girlfriend. We have a happy, blissful, healthy committed long-term relationship with each other. I am his favorite person and he loves talking to me and being with me everyday. He always wants to do that. He's always in constant contact with me and he's always blowing up my phone. He always texts me and calls me. He's always with me, we love spending time together. He's super clingy with me and super affectionate. Our bond and relationship is strong, stable and better everyday. It is indestructible.I am the only one Ismael loves, wants, is attracted to and connects with. I am the first thing he thinks of when he wakes up, and the last thing when he goes to sleep.I am the only one that wants and loves Ismael and he only wants and loves me.I am the only one he wants and loves and there is only one of me. Ismael is crazy about me. He is always faithful, loyal and devoted to me only. He always treats me with love and respect, like an absolute goddess. I'm the only girl he even follows on social media and he always compliments me and hypes me up. Even though he's not much of a fan of social media at all. He is repulsed by anyone that isn't me.He dreams lovingly of being with me every night. He's always thinking of me, everything reminds him of me.We both know we are perfect for each other.I am sure Ismael is the right one for me and he is sure I am the right one for him.He is sure he loves me and wants to spend the rest of his life with me. He's 100% committed to me.Everything positively brings us closer together. Ismael is healthy, positive, balanced and safe at all times. He has amazing physical, mental and emotional health. He's successful.We are always safe and our relationship is always safe.He always wants to be with me and around me because I am the only person that feels right for him to have a relationship with.His dick only gets hard for me, I'm the only one he wants to have sex with. I'm the only one he wants to romantically or sexually do anything at all with. Ismael's romantic feelings and attraction for me are so strong that he cannot hide it. He always expresses his love, affection and desire for me in a consistent, healthy loving way. Me and Ismael are each other's lovers, soulmates, best friends and life partners. I am his girlfriend, his soulmate, his wife. He is my boyfriend, my soulmate, my husband. We are happily blissfully together forever. The universe fully conspires in favor of our loving union at all times. Everything comes together constantly so we can have the best life and live out our dreams together. We are very in love with each other. He actually really loves me and does anything for me and our relationship.I am Ismael's top priority. He always gives me tons of love and attention. He is always my ideal version of him. He's everything I've ever wanted in a partner. I am always pleasantly surprised by him and he never lets me down. He's fearless, brave and proactive and always ready to step up when needed, for us and for me. Ismael is fully conscious of being my soulmate. We love and accept each other fully and we get along perfectly. We are a perfect match. We are always feeling comfortable, confident, loving, loved, safe, secure, happy and whole within ourselves and within our relationship with each other. We fully trust each other and are able to be vulnerable. Our communication and support with each other is always perfect. We have the same values and he wants the same exact things with me that I do with him. Ismael always puts in effort to make our relationship work. He is very romantic towards me, always a gentleman. We are each other's dream partners. We feel truly seen by each other.We have perfect chemistry with each other in all contexts. Our relationship is loving, fun, amazing and easy. We just get each other and mesh perfectly. I love everything about him and he loves everything about me. Ismael and I live together in 70 W Boston Blvd in Detroit and we he works remote and I’m a housewife . We are very rich and we always have and make time for each other. He has a license and a nice car, and he loves to take me on dates and give me flowers. He's always ready to protect and provide for me if needed, as he makes enough to comfortably support the both of us. We are living our dreams together and basking in the joy of our perfect love for each other. We are a team. He's always by my side and I am on his. Our families and friends support our relationship and everyone gets along perfectly. Ismael is always loving and honest with me. He always does his best for me and our relationship. It is easy to maintain our relationship and we are always happy to be with each other, we are each other's natural counterparts. He's spiritually developed and loves to go on that journey with me. We are very intimate with each other. Our sex life with each other and our compability is amazing in all aspects. He's always going to gladly be by my side no matter what, he loves me and he's not going anywhere ever. What is mine cannot be taken away from me. I am thankful for our amazing, perfect, eternal and permanent union. We are love. All subliminals and all playlists, boards, stories, and anything labeled 4D come quickly, easily, and instantly as it is law that what I want, I get, when I decide.