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The scale-up worker visa allows foreign nationals to come to the UK to work in an eligible job for a fast-growing UK business for a period of at least 6 months. Launched on 22nd August 2022, this visa is intended to make it easier for UK businesses experiencing rapid growth to hire the best skilled labour from around the world. Uniquely, the rules allow scale-up visa holders to leave their sponsored role after 6 months and switch to an unsponsored role. The Scale-Up route is a way to settle in the UK. A partner and dependent children may apply with the applicant or accompany the applicant. Requirements for a Scale-up Visa You must satisfy UK Visas and Immigration requirements to be eligible for a Scale-up Visa through a Sponsored Application: You are at least 18 years old. Your UK sponsor has given a valid Certificate of Sponsorship for the work you intend to do. The work you want to undertake is legitimate and requires the right level of knowledge. Your annual compensation will be at least £33,000, $10.58 per hour, and the "going rate" for the position. You have at least Level B1 CEFR proficiency in English (equivalent to IELTS 4.0). You have enough money to maintain yourself independently without government assistance. Provide a TB test certificate. Eligibility criteria for the Scale-up visa. To be eligible for a UK scale-up visa, one of the most important requirements is that applicants must have a job offer and a Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS) issued by an approved sponsor/employer. The sponsoring business must also be in the scale-up phase with rapid growth. The eligibility criteria are as follows: Have a job offer from an approved scale-up company for at least six months Have a 'certificate of sponsorship' from your employer that details the UK job you have been offered Have a job offer from the list of eligible occupations Be paid a minimum salary in your new job You must be proficient in the English language. You must have a degree-level academic qualification in English. If not, you must apply through ECCTIS (formerly UK NARIC) and provide documentation demonstrating that your degree equals a UK bachelor's, master's, or PhD. If you are granted the visa, you can bring a dependent partner over the age of 18 and dependent children under the age of 18. You can change jobs and employers after six months of starting employment. The Scale-up visa is extendable, leading to settlement if you meet the following requirements for ILR. You have resided in the UK for a continuous period of five years. The five years have included time spent with authorisation on any of the following routes, either separately or in combination: Scale-up, Skilled Worker, T2 Religious Leader, Representative of an Overseas Business, Innovator, Global Talent, International Sportsperson, as a Tier 1 Migrant, other than Tier 1 (Graduate Entrepreneur). As of the application date, you are employed in the UK and get a PAYE wage of at least £33,000 annually. You have earned monthly PAYE wages in the UK totalling at least £33,000 per year for at least 24 months in the three years before the date of application. You satisfy the prerequisite for familiarity with UK culture (unless an exemption applies). Your guaranteed minimum gross salary, as reported through PAYE in the UK, will be considered by the Home Office. Other income sources, such as self-employment and sources outside the UK, won't be considered. It would help if you satisfied the Home Office that your PAYE earnings are genuine to be approved for settlement as a Scale-up Worker. Your Scale-up Worker ILR application will be rejected if there are good reasons to suspect that your PAYE earnings have been exaggerated, faked, or otherw ise unrelated to legitimate work. So, that’s it for today’s video. We hope it was informational. Get in touch with our experts for more details on the scale-up visa. Our contact information is in the description below. Thank you for watching.