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PAW.COM REVIEW: BEST ORTHOPEDIC DOG BED AND WATERPROOF PET BLANKET Earlier this year, Django had back surgery for IVDD. Then Mike and I (Steph) moved into a new home with hardwood floors everywhere. Because our long-haired dachshund’s back legs are still a little wobbly after surgery, our goal has been to find top-quality and comfortable products that not only help Django be comfortable in the home but also protect our new floors and furniture. We want to have many areas in our house where Django can comfortably play, walk, sleep, and relax. While researching the best orthopedic dog beds and the most comfortable pet-friendly blankets earlier this year, we came across It offers modern and luxurious orthopedic dog beds and matching waterproof blankets that spruce up any space. After reading reviews from passionate customers, I ordered the PupRug Bundle for Django. He is obsessed with both his memory foam orthopedic dog bed and matching waterproof blanket. The following is an honest review and in-depth overview of’s PupRug Bundle based on Django’s experience with the PupRug Faux Fur Orthopedic Dog Bed and the PupProtector Waterproof Blanket. Django has a small white curved bed and matching waterproof blanket. If you have any questions about our experience or want to share a story of your own, please leave us a comment below!