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My Journal When I was 15 I meet a boy that I madly fell in love with, he was everything I could wish for and just like I'd hoped he also fell in love with me, it made me so happy.Some people said that it wasn't real love we had, but I knew what I felt everytime I was with him my heart started to pound felt like it was gonna burst out of me, he just made me feel so warm when I was with him. One evening we were sitting in his bed, he talk to me about how he got to get his ex girlfriend's hand, while he was telling me that, I just felt like my hand drawing itself to his hand and just like that we were holding hands and soon I had my head on his shoulder, oh I can tell you this if felt just like home,but little did I know, that it would soon come to an end. My family had decided to move away to another place, we were both devastated that men we couldn't be together anymore, so before we moved I asked his dad if he could make sure that he would bring us together again when the time is right, he promised me that he would and later after we moved I found out that my parents didn't want me to be with him anymore and many times I cried into my pillow and asking myself why, why, why couldn't I be with him if only my parents knew how much I loved him, but of course they didn't want to understand, but what could I do about that I was underage. After 2 years we moved back closer to him and occasionally I saw him again if felt so good to finally see him, even though I wanted to tell him that I want to be with him again I couldn't because I was too afraid what my parents would say and I knew they would punish me very harshly. at that time there was another man that I asked my dad for permission to be with me and I agreed, because I knew it would anyway never happened that I could be with my true love, but then you would say didn't you ask his dad to bring you together again, yes I did but that assurance eventually faded away as time went by, so I went with him but of course I never felt so strongly about him as I did with David (which was his name). After we dated one month he started to draw away from my family and blackmailed me by say if I don't go and live with him he would put my dad in to jail because my dad had enough reasons to go to jail from years ago and I did not want that so I went with him and soon we started to make preparation for our wedding the closer our wedding day came the more scared I got cause I didn't love this man and I knew I wouldn't be happy with him. Two weeks before our wedding I pulled myself together and told him that we couldn't be together anymore and to call off the wedding because I didn't love him enough that we could be a lifetime together so he said to me, "fine if that's the way you feel then I'll end it right here and we will go our separate ways. It didn't take a month until David ask my dad again if he could have me back they thought themselves that it was better for me to be with him instead of being with that other guy who rejected them. so you see it had to take another person to treat them badly enough for them to allow us to be together again, and now after 3 years of marriage we will never forget the love we had and how it all came that we could be together.