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Daveth's thoughts were interrupted when his father spoke again. "Boy! Did you not hear a word I've said?" Robert demanded. "Yes, father," he answered. "Good. Because I tire of all this riding. Go on and scout ahead and inform me of how what you find. I'd like to know much further Winterfell is." Daveth nodded and galloped on his horse to the nearest hill. Once at the top, he took a moment to scout the area. After a long ten minutes, Daveth spotted faint but light snow on the horizon. They've been on the Kingsroad for more than a month now, and it seems their primary destination was within sight. Once calculating the distance and the time it would take to arrive, he hurried on back to King Robert. "Well?" "Given the current pace and the depths of the terrain, we should be able to arrive at Winterfell within a fortnight." "Good. At least you're good for something." Daveth gritted his teeth at his father's words but held his tongue. "I suppose it shouldn't come as a surprise. The North is, after all, the largest region in all of the Seven Kingdoms in Westeros. Ride two hundred miles to the west, you're still in the North. Ten miles to the east, you're still in the North. Fifty miles to the south, you're still in the North. It's enough to fit in the other six kingdoms." Robert nodded. "Aye, though must has changed the last time I saw it. But hopefully not too much. Ned'll probably be as fast given how long it's been since we met." Daveth raised his eyebrows. 'Lord Eddard Stark? So... you intend to name him as Lord Arryn's replacement?' Robert took notice. "What, boy? You disapprove?" "Not at all. It's just... it's been more than nine years since we last set foot in Winterfell, father. Kind of leaves one feeling sentimental, you know?" "That it does," Robert nodded in agreement. "I'm only doing this because Ned's the last friend in this world I trust. The only one left." "Do you think he'll accept?" Daveth asks. "He will. Besides, I'm the king. And I get whatever I want. Now come on, let's get moving." As the two of them began to resume their march, Daveth had been contemplating what kind of reunion he'd expect in Winterfell. From what he remembers, Daveth seemed to recall his father and Ned Stark as having been childhood friends – like he was with Ned's eldest son and heir, Robb. And Daveth only knew what Robert's words meant when he said that; surely there was bound to be trouble on the horizon and there were few allies left in the capital he could turn to for help. Still, as heir to the throne, Daveth will continue to play his part... for the greater good.