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Hello Co-Members! This video is a guide on how to use Forecast Submissions app. For start of month forecast submissions, select Start of month forecast button. Select the Programme Type, then, programme, and office. Next, select the forecast month you want to complete. Please note that you can only submit forecast on future months. Enter weekly forecast breakdown for each outcome and select Next to submit. Check the forecasts entered are correct. You have an option to go back to the Start of month page to amend forecast. Once you are happy with the forecast inputted, select Submit, and a message will show that you have successfully submitted forecast. You will be given an option to submit another forecast for a different office, or you can return to the homepage by clicking on the Home button. To submit another forecast, you need to repeat the same process. An error will show if a forecast has already been completed for the office you selected. It will give you an option to amend forecast by clicking on Weekly forecast update. This will redirect you to the Weekly forecast update page where you can edit Start of Month forecast and Weekly forecast. You can also access this page from the home page by selecting Weekly forecast update. Select the Programme Type, Then, Programme, And Office. Next, select the forecast month you want to amend or update. Select Edit button. The Start of Month column is automatically locked for editing on the first working day of the month. The Weekly columns are also automatically locked for editing on last working day of each week. Therefore, please ensure you complete forecasts before the deadline. After updating or amending forecasts, make sure to save and return to homepage. You can check the forecasts you submitted in the summary page. Select the Programme Type, And Month. The first two table shows the summary of total forecast for internal and external. If you scroll down, you will be able to view breakdown of forecast in Programme and Region level. And if you scroll further down, it will show forecast you entered for each office. You can also check which offices still require forecast submission in Submission Check page. Select your contract, And region. The table shows green ticks for offices that completed their forecasts. Please ensure that you check this page before deadline, so you are aware of incomplete forecasts that requires action. There is also a page for Due dates if you need a reminder of when forecasts are due. Thank you for watching!