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Hello. I am killer. who are you. The Killer. no. yes and i will kill you . why? You have to give me money? how much? $1000 what is your credit card number and password? i don't remember. paypal? who is pal and why do i have to pay him? no, the paypal. who? paypal idot do you have paypal? uh, yes. give me email and password to your paypal. why do i have give my email and password to pal? WHAT? PAYPAL. who? UR MOM. oh. uh.. thats mean.... I DON'T FUCKING CARE. GIVE IT TO ME. what? PASSWORD AND EMAIL. why? TO GIVE ME $1000. ok. give me some time to get it. WHAT?!? im back. and what? im dont have paypal. WHAT! you are wasting my time. monkey boy. what? you. DONT CALL ME LIKE THAT. okay monkey boy. SHUT UP. i remember my credit card number. WHAT IS IT? 7384? okay? 3844? okay? 9266? okay? what is next? wait my friend want me to play roblox. be right back. WHAT!?!?!!!? im back. STOP WASTING MY TIME. give the finnal digits? what digits? credit card. i remember now monkey boy. but i have to say it again i am lost. 7384? okay? 3844? okay? 9266? what are the last digits? stop stressing me. HOW AM I STRESSING YOU. omg i have to do it again because of you . YOU DONKEY!. you like dokeys? what is that question? yes or no? yes. i didin't know you are gay? I AM NOT GAY. okay, okay, mokey boy. AND DONT CALL ME LIKE THAT. link moment???esdghdfch what is that? my credit card number email and password. oh okay WHAT IS THAT. what? THE IS ONLY A PICTURE OF DONKEY!. i know lol. STOP PLAYING WITH ME. i am not playing with you. i am not gay. WHAT? YOU ARE IDOT? only idot would click on the IP Grabber LInk.