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Hitler … 'Democracy buttplug': LEADERSHIP AND ORDER. THE UNITY OF THE GROUP; this christian concept “does not exist”, IT'S A FICTION OF THE IMAGINATION, a perverse argument. It's the argument 'of the weak' SO THAT THE STRONG do not destroy them; socialism. UNITY, AS THE MYSTICS understand it, “IS REAL” but “One Must be on the Other side of the Mirror To Know it.” Christianism is therefore “A DOUBLE FRAUD.” Ripping “the Esoteric teaching that enables Man to Awaken”: - it's Nothing more than a slave sect. I would not say “not even necessarily Jewish”, as christians tend to prove it, BECAUSE —THERE ARE TRADITIONALISTS— AMONG JEWS. It's 'just the slaves' “who expressed themselves 'through a MEDIUM and who continue to SCUTTLE OUR SOCIETIES.'” “LEADERS ARE NOT THERE 'TO TAKE ORDERS”, SLAVES ARE. Slaves ARE PETRIFIED BY NATURE. IT'S FUNNY, 'because all these things that these adults desire', is 'normally what we realize “when we are children”'. As an adult, ALL OF THIS SHOULD BE 'GONE'. BECAUSE YOU'RE AN ADULT. THE WEST HAS SUPPRESSED ALL RITES OF PASSAGE, ALL. They are systematically “forbidden” in the society, as soon “as new ones appear”. This Christian society is only there to suffer. The Christian society (west) is a society of slaves HERE TO SUFFER. DON'T EXPECT THEM to shine like the Pagan Civilizations of antiquity. THEY ARE THEIR ENEMY. The Christian (the Weak) will 'always let himself die'. I have 'plenty of examples' 'around me of people, who have 'let themselves' die in the last months'. With this EPISODE COVID. They just stopped living, waiting for death. And it came. The Same people “that society if it was a pagan one, should have evacuated, decades ago”. If Christian society, and the WESTERNIZATION OF THE WORLD “DOESN'T KILL OUR SPECIES”, WE WILL BE LUCKY. The leader is not there 'for the group', but for order only. This notion of shepherd and leader was introduced by the Jewish-Christian sect. This will make the FRIGHTENED VIRGIN scream, but Hitler defined it well: From Mein Kampf - the Official 1939 Edition by Hitler Adolf: “The nature and internal organization of the new movement make it antiparliamentarian. That is to say, it rejects in general and in its own structure all those principles according to which decisions are to be taken ON THE VOTE OF THE MAJORITY and according to which the leader is only the executor of the will and opinion of others. The president of a large group is appointed by the head of the group immediately above his in authority. He is then the responsible leader of his group. All the committees are subject TO HIS AUTHORITY AND NOT HE TO THEIRS. There is no such thing as committees that vote but only committees that work. This work is allotted by the responsible leader, who is the president of the group. In each case the president is appointed from above and is invested with full authority and executive power. All the committees are responsible to him, BUT HE IS NOT RESPONSIBLE TO THE COMMITTEES. Human progress and human cultures are not founded by the multitude. They are exclusively the work of personal genius and personal efficiency. Because of this principle, our movement must necessarily be antiparliamentarian, and if it takes part in the parliamentary institution it is only for the purpose of destroying this institution from within; in other words, we wish to do away with an institution which we must look upon as one of the gravest symptoms of human decline.” That is why there was a 'World Alliance' to end Nazism and Fascism in the 20th century. Not because of the Jews, not because of the German civilians, but to establish “democracy again”. The West did not mind giving a hand to the Bolsheviks during World War Two. This is the true face of DEMOCRACY; BOLSHEVISM. MASSES 'MUST BE DOMINATED'. Because nature does not make “only leaders”. If the masses take the power: democracy equal to bolshevism, then surely the society will be destroyed. We, see it 'still today' with the covid, and the general panic. The Masses are not destined to rule, THE PEOPLE OF NOBLE BLOOD ARE. The masses can't stand leaders, then elect “politicians” because these masses “know they will lie to them with fine words”, and make them forget this harsh reality for a moment. THIS IS 'WHAT YOU HAVE' IN THE West; A SLAVE SOCIETY. This is how 'Christianism' IS AND HAS BEEN PERCEIVED; “democracy”. You 'are proud OF YOUR SLAVE CONDITION'. If I were you, I wouldn't be. THE MASSES WILL NEVER GO FOR ORDER. NEVER. THE MASSES 'ARE TERRIFIED' OF BEING 'ALIVE', 'AND SEE NATURE' AS THEIR ENEMY. Hence the SYSTEMATIC HUNTING OF THE HEATHEN IN THE WEST BY THE PLEBS; THE CHRISTIANS. You understand 'why the Ecological movement Hates nature so much'. And destroy it actively. Democracy is a buttplug. For people not adapted to survive in nature. These are the same people ... who use “the idea of a paradise”. The same “ones who want to fix the society”. WHY? 'TO AVOID WHAT IS HARD'. BEING ALIVE. I call 'them' many names: - 'religious', 'socialists', et cetera. THE LEADER 'IS NOT THERE FOR THE GROUP'. THE LEADER IS AN INDIVIDUAL. Something YOU WILL NEVER BE christians. You are permanently afraid, and therefore have to invent fables, to support the harshness of life. Christianism 'was not born from nothing'. It's the slaves' revolt. It was born from the unsuitability of those beings, who cannot 'bear to be alive'. Too bad for you christians; you are. These people do EVERYTHING SO THAT THE ORDER, THE LEADER, DOES NOT COME INTO POWER. These are people who would rather die than fight. We see it today with covid. Injecting themselves, by hundreds of millions with a virus when they are not sick. Because they were born IN FEAR. Because they are BADLY BORN. Because they ARE THE LOWER CLASSES The fact “that they are unfit to survive in a natural environment”, make them unfit to live. Then will choose democracy. Then will destroy society. There is no post-Western era as long as there is a christian living in the West. And this is not a message calling for the killing of all christians, nature will take care of that. So, all this group bullshit ... democracy, is like god [a promised paradise]. It does not exist. If you take 'society' 'in the ancient world'. The ego as it exists today (“the me culture as they call it”) had no room to develop in ancient times. People had no rights. And Society was therefore Just. But, you will never get 'why it is possible.' The group 'in the primitive society' also does not exist, it's obly 'a matter of survival'. So it has nothing to do with the groupe as westerners conceive it. To conclude, I will 'spend' 'my next decades' contemplating this christian west destroy itself. And with the covid, and the stopping of its economy, it is well on its way. What a pleasure 'FOR A PAGAN'. 'FOR LEADERS', there is a 'good video' TO WATCH: - To see how, the masses are always sliding towards democracy. It's “The Island with Bear Grylls”, First season, FIRST 5 EPISODES.