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Today - we stand at a crossroad, moving towards a world, which eschews concepts of separation and exclusivity -- and embraces the free flow of ideas , and knowledge , that transcend traditional borders and boundaries. We are a unique blend of cultures, communities, conversations and relations - forged to pass the test of time. For over 25 years, Total Nutrition has been providing "total solutions", for helping animals unlock their "total potential". From producing high-quality vitamin-mineral premixes, and innovative products, to increase animal performance - we place an emphasis on providing, quality tools to address the total needs of customers. Our mission is to achieve the highest quality, through ingenuity, creativity, and research. to be able to improve the lives of our customers, and, the animals they raise. We strive to understand the science behind the gifts, nature has bestowed upon us, and use this knowledge, to deliver new solutions to the existing problems. Our commitment is to total quality, in every aspect of product development, manufacturing, and supply chain, to ensure customers emerge successful - in emerging markets. We commit to achieving excellence in our products and services, by controlling, minimizing and eliminating - any risk to product quality, and feed safety, by complying with prevailing standards. We strive to attain the highest quality, by using appropriate technology and following good manufacturing practices, implementing quality inputs, and process control, efficient communication, and cost effectiveness with available resources. Our proprietary Feed Insight Tools, is an innovative mobile application, that allows customers to get precise requirements of vitamins and minerals, for poultry, ruminant, and, equine animals. Tables and charts easily point out deficiencies, and surpluses, making Feed Insight an essential tool, for farm owners, nutritionists, and feed manufacturers. Our dedicated team of ruminant, and poultry nutritionists, help customers in- formulating balanced and cost-effective rations, for better productivity, and profitability from their farms and feed mills. Our technical team uses industry-leading feeding models, and tools to calculate nutrients, and performance parameters, and is supported with accurate- real-team analysis, from Feed Insight Labs.