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This is Izuku Midoriya, he’s not exactly in hell at the moment but he is right outside of it… in the “Dark Woods”. He wanders around and tries to find a way out by following the light, but as he does he encounters danger. A Nomu, Monakuma and Titan appear before him ready to pounce on him if he got any closer. Just seeing a Nomu would make him step back, but seeing 2 other creatures with menacing auras made him turn around and get the hell out of there. When he runs back into the woods he sees a skinny figure. All Might!? He was shocked to see his idol and mentor in such a place. Oh, hello young man. I’m so glad you're here, I’m lost, I need to get out of here and those creatures are blocking my path. Don’t fret, for I am here! *cough cough* I know a second way out, you have to go through hell… literally. Ah… And so they head towards the gates of hell. I'm not sure I can do this… All Might pushes his worried apprentice through and so they begin their dreadful journey!