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Session 1: Home Invasion. Owen, a growing internet star, is streaming on Twitch. As the night goes on, he sees his viewership go down and gets discouraged and decides to end his stream. He calls his cat, Luna, to come to bed. Unknown to him, Two intruders break into his house and are approaching his bedroom. A struggle begins with one of the intruders managing to capture him and the other purp along with 3 other people. In the distance a Siren, sets her sights on the guy who captured the growing internet personality. She tries to shoot at him but misses. He calls out to her and asks her if they can be civil about this. She demands him to give her Owen so she can eat him. He disagrees and the Banshee releases everyone as we meet the other captives. Hayka, Daric, Serena and Christopher. The Banshee reveals his name as Chiron and he gathers everyone together to save them from the gods. Christopher doesn't believe him and just wants to go home but is stopped by Hayka and Daric. Chiron further explains the situation but is interrupted by Christopher again when he transforms into a werewolf. He easily subdues him and throws him back into his capsule until he goes back to normal. After explaining what is going on, he takes them to a safe house allowing them to rest and ponder what he told them. Chiron leaves the building and is consumed by black flames while sheding a tear.