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He asked without having a clear understanding of what sharing control would even be like. More indecision emanated from the creature’s mind, but then Blake began feeling its grip over their muscles loosen. The suit was still controlling their body, but somehow he got a sense that if he tried moving it wouldn’t try to fight him. First, he carefully craned his neck in all directions to fully take in the view that he had been missing before. He had never seen Sunrise Valley from so high up before, and seeing it at night with such amazing vision was unreal. It was like he was in a different world, where he could look down on people without them ever noticing that he was there. After looking around for a while, Blake felt a prodding sensation in his neck as if the creature was trying to get its head back into position. Apparently, he had been making the flight more difficult with his movements, so he obeyed and let their neck get straightened again. Realizing that he needed to get a better understanding of how wyvern flight worked, Blake began paying more attention to their movements. He focused upon the motions of the wings and the angles of their body. Slowly, as he began to feel like he understood the rhythm of the fight, he tried flapping the wings at the same time as the wyvern suit. The first few times he did so he threw their flight path off slightly, but by the tenth wingbeat they were moving in sync. Soon, Blake realized that he was able to sense what the Wyvern suit was thinking more clearly. It became like a sixth sense that allowed him to begin working with the creature instead of against it. He was able to match or modify its movements without disturbing their flight. Slowly, Blake began adjusting their flight path so he could circle the valley for a better view. As time went on, Blake began to forget that he was sharing his body as they flew. They worked in perfect synchronization as they began diving and dancing through the sky. Slowly, their minds began to meld together, creating a mix of Blake’s thoughts and the costume’s instincts. The wyvern reflexively closed its eyes as its pupils suddenly changed from their previously slitted shape to a more rounded one, and when it opened them Blake found himself in full control. With his newfound instincts to guide him, he smiled and prepared to spend at least that entire night having the time of his life. _______________ Right before sunrise, the wyvern carefully landed upon the roof of his apartment building. At least, the building that he lived in as a human. A strong part of himself was repulsed by this place, but he knew that he needed to return to his old life. For a time at least. Slowly, using its wing claws, it grasped at its chest until it caught hold of a seam along its belly. The part of its mind that came from the costume had told him the seam would appear there when he wished for it. After hesitating for a few moments, he pulled the seam apart. Everything immediately began to change. His mind splintered, and Blake suddenly felt his thoughts return to normal as the costume began separating from him. The previously living scales all over his body suddenly took on a rubbery sheen, then with a loud sucking noise began separating from. The previously skin-tight costume quickly became too large for him as his legs, neck, and body shrunk. The weirdest part by far was the sensation of his fingers and arms shrinking. As they returned to normal, Blake was relieved to find that the ache in his arms from his long flight had vanished. Relieved to find that his clothes had reappeared, Blake stepped out of the costume and onto the concrete roof. He caught the costume before it fell and carefully pulled it over his shoulder so that it wouldn’t crumple onto the floor. The living suit made a pitiful noise, like it was afraid of being left out on a hanger again, but Blake knew that it trusted him now. Otherwise, it would never have let him go. They had spent too many hours together, and they would be doing so again soon.