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Hi, Good afternoon everyone my name is Stephanie Thompson, and today I will be presenting on Abraham Harold Maslow. Abraham Harold Maslow was born on April 1, 1908, in Brooklyn New York to his parents, Samuel n rose Maslow who were Russian immigrants. He was the first of seven children. As a child growing up Maslow was abused verbally by both parents they would say he was ugly and call him names. Because of this Maslow withdraw himself from society n which cause him to find comfort in reading books. At the age of 17, Maslow enrolled at city college of new to pursue law it was not his choice but a choice made by his father. while attending he realize that it wasn’t for him so got a transfer. The continuation so he got a transfer to the University of Wisconsin after realizing he had a Love for psychology, while pursuing his study of psychology at Wisconsin he found himself a mentor in psychologist by the name Harry Harlow who served as his doctoral advisor. After completing Maslow earned all three of his degrees in psychology (a bachelor's, master's, and doctorate) from the University of Wisconsin. While attending Wisconsin got married to (soon let u know the name) n they had 2 kids by the name of ( let u know the names ) after completing the university of Wisconsin he went on to be a lecture at the school of Brooklyn college in the year 1937. During the year 1950s Maslow's name is named being one of the founders of the school of thought called humanistic psychology …. Maslow theories in a peak experience, the hierarchy of needs, and self-actualization which he is well known for. he died in California on June 8, 1970, of a heart attack. Even tho Maslow pass he made a number of contributions to the field of psychology. He is said to be remembered as one of the most influential psychologists of the 20th century.