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My name is Alex Mwesa, a Zambian citizen living and working in Botswana. Working with children of all ages is one of the things that draws me to teaching, and music is my method of connecting with them. Having taught music at the primary and secondary levels in Zambia and Botswana for over 20 years, I am passionate and competent at my job. My principal instruments are the piano and voice. However, I do play a range of other musical instruments. My passion for music stems from the fact that I was born into a musical household. My father was a renowned music educator, which is where I get my inspiration. Many untrained musicians are able to teach musical instruments, repertoire, or some form of music. However, to teach a comprehensive music education that develops and prepare learners to be globally competitive requires a creative and knowledgeable music teacher. Using my training and experience, I am able to engage learners in musical understandings and behaviours that will foster their development into positive members of the global community. My graduate studies in music at the University of South Africa include, but not limited to, music analysis, composition techniques, music in history and society, global music, and music psychology. Such knowledge is vital to teach an extended music program that runs from P.Y.P, up all the way to the IB diploma. I also hold a Music Teacher's diploma from Evelyn Hone College in Zambia, where I was named the best student. Not only does the music teacher's credential encompass educational concepts and philosophies, but it also covers music-specific teaching methods. My current experience spanning the last 7 years, is at Acacia Primary School in Botswana, where I am teaching music to first grade through to seventh graders. Following my employment here, I set out to expand the existing music program to accommodate the learners' broader needs. To achieve this, in part, I introduced string instruments, marimba, steelpans, and the drum kit. A personable and dynamic music educator, I am interested in recognizing student-learning challenges and developing effective remedial strategies. I am always looking for innovative methods to make music classes more exciting and engaging. I am very quick to pick up new skills and enthusiastic about adopting musical traditions from other cultures, including that of the host country. This is one of the reasons I am interested in pursuing a fresh opportunity abroad. Before joining Acacia Primary School, I worked as Head of Arts department at Westwood International School in Botswana, where I was in charge of curriculum planning and design as well as teaching general and instrumental music to IB students in primary and middle school. As much as I am able to work independently, I very much appreciate collaborating with colleagues within and outside my subject area. The things I enjoy doing in my free time include, composing and producing music using music technology, music research, graphic design, gardening, and outdoor fitness activities. Family is important to me, and I have three children and a grandson. Nevertheless, my traveling companions will three family members, being, my wife Buumbah, a certified primary class teacher, and my 16-year-old twins, a boy and a girl. With the prospect of joining a new international school, I will be able to utilize my teaching experience and skills, while learning new teaching insights. Thank you.