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But Martin was satisfied that they were considering him as their leader. ''Herzog'' is moving forward with its team. It is morning and then Marting comes in front of him. There was a whole team of Russian Soldiers with him. Herzog gets very shocked because he sees such a large army of Russian Soldiers with Martin. He is watching everything. Martin shows him his hand which is of Herzog. That Russian Commander was only looking at the Herzog because he had revenge in his heart. They wanted revenge. The two armies move towards each other to compete. That commander only moves towards Herzog, meanwhile many Zombies come in his way. He kills everyone. Seeing all this fighting, the policemen reach there. At the same time, he sees that a huge tank from the front is moving towards their car. As soon as he sees it, that tank crushes their car. As soon as the tank gets on their car, they get out of the car, and their life is saved. Everyone goes to a house and hide. Martin orders Daniel to go and control the tanks. After that, a war breaks out between the two soldiers. At the same time, Monica, Blake, and Glenn arrive there. Martin's team was strong enough that is why they were killing the other team. At the same time, the doctor who was doing his job was re-dressing the wounded and making them fit for battle. Because both soldiers are fighting. That Russian Soldier is about to kill Herzog when a Zombie attacks him from behind. Herzog's team grabs him and Herzog and everyone else kills him together. The battle had turned its side and it looked as if Russians were losing. Then they think we should kill Herzog. Because it is Herzog who is the reason why all the zombies are alive. If he dies, so will his army. Thinking this, Martin approaches Herzog to kill him. In this fight, Herzog injures Martin a lot. But Martin was no less, he also had one of Herzog's hands. Daniel, who showed up at the tank, needs to enter it and kills washed twice. They both ascend at this tank as entering the house. On the other hand, outside the war, all Russians die while all zombies stay alive. Only three Russians are left alive. Monica, Glenn, and Blake. Shortly afterwards, Glenne, one of the three, is killed. Now only Monica and Blake were alive. She was badly trapped in those Zombies. On the other hand, Martin and Herzog's fight was going on at that Tank. Daniel kills another Zombie and somehow controls the tank. In the fight between Martin and Herzog, Martin falls on the car. Herzog is about to kill him right now but Daniel immediately sits in a tank, turns to the tank's gun towards Herzog and shoots him. Which blows his head off and he dies. As soon as Herzog dies, so does his whole Army. Monica and Blake were trapped in them but they are safe now. They feel their victory and celebrate it. Their mission is completed and Zombie Hunters leave, and Martin also leaves in his car. He then goes to a grave in the graveyard which is Hanna's grave. He opens the grave and pulls Hina out of it. As soon as he puts his hand on her to revive her, she revives. And they start living together again. The Nazi doctor then finds Herzog's head and his head is still alive. The movie comes to an end here. I hope You like the explanation and movie also.