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And the cabin gets fire. They both escape so as to save themselves. After that, they go to a Shed and find a lot of weapons there. They plan to pick those weapons, So that they could fight with Zombies. As they come out they see Zombies army there. Using those weapons they kill Zombies one after another. As the zombie die many other appear. A lot of Zombies come in front of them and Vegard approaches there. He fires from his machine gun and kills all the Zombies. After that many zombies appear but Vegard kills them too. After that very bad thing happens to him. Many Zombies attack him and break his legs and arms. Both of his friends were witnessing this. Martin gets angry and he starts hitting those Zombies badly. When he was hitting Zombies suddenly Hena approaches there. She was standing at the back of Vegard. He thinks her of as Zombies and attacks her as well. And hits his throat with a saw. She starts dying and when Martin sees that he gets very sad. But this was never the time for repentance but to save their lives. Because he was facing the army of Zombies. While Martin was killing them one zombie attacks his hand. And hits him. When the Zombie was thrashing him he remembers that person they met and cuts his hand. After cutting his hand he looks much happy. He was happy that he would not become Zombie-like. Suddenly a Zombie appears from inside the ice and hits him. He still tries to save his life. He shouts very loudly and starts hitting Zombie with his leg. He kills every Zombie that only Herzog is left. They think that they would kill Herzog and run after that. But Herzog opens up his mouth and starts saying something. That even Earth starts shattering and keeps shattering as he was speaking. That one by one those dead zombies become alive and form an army again. They think as if they were in a critical position so they try to run away. Herzog was carrying a hammer. They run away, but Roy's feet are becoming tangled up in the shrubbery. When Harzog nears him, his friend hits a mallet on Herzog's head. A component enters his body when he is trying to hit a zombie, and all of his parotid gland runaway. He comes back to Roy and takes out a watch from his pocket. And starts thing, what was hitting his mind? He starts running towards that Cabin. He sees that cabin was under huge fire. He enters the cabin and picks the box containing gold. After which he passes that box to Captain Zombie who gets very calm. After that Martin moves from there saving his life. And approaches his car. As he reaches there he sits in the car. He starts the car, and the coin Hena gave him falls to the ground. And Herzog appears in front of him who was shouting badly and tries to break his window? The movie comes to an end here. I hope You like the explanation and movie also.