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Red Shoes A dazzling journey! By Karen English Illustrated by Ebony Glenn Published by: Scholastic Press New York Red Shoes dazzling- Perched on a pedestal in the shop window as if on a throne. Then – Surprise! Nana brings the beautiful shoes to Malika! And with a click-clack-click And a swish, swish, swish, Malika wears them everywhere she goes… But all the soon, the shoes begin to pinch Malika's toes. And they don't let her forget how much her feet have grown. Who will be next to wear the red shoes? Readers will follow the shoes all the way across the globe to Africa, where another little girl, who has made her first fast for Ramadan, is about to get an amazing gift! Karen English and Ebony Glenn have crafted a satisfying and heartwarming story about a pair of shoes, two girls, and a connection they share that reaches from one continent to another.