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Welcome to Ufleet, the most user friendly last mile delivery management platform. In this video you will see how easy it is to plan, track your deliveries, and keep your customers happy at all times. So, lets dive right in... Ufleet consists of 3 modules - a web based control center for the dispatcher, a mobile app for the driver, and a customer portal where customers track their deliveries and give feedback. Lets see how a typical delivery process works. The Dispatcher control center is where all the planning and tracking take place. Delivery tasks can be added manually, imported, or received via third party integrations. Tasks contain multiple fields which help the dispatcher stay on top of the process. This is how a typical Ufleet import spreadsheet looks like. It contains the data points that our AI algorithm uses to find the optimal routing solution. Lets import this file. Just select it from your file menu and upload it to the system. You can review the imported tasks in the confirmation dialogue. Problematic tasks will be shown in red. The tasks are now visible on the map. From here the dispatcher can get into more details on each task but also have an understanding of the big picture. Now we are ready to run the optimization algorithm. In seconds our route optimization engine constructs the most efficient routes. This means shortest distances for cost saving and guaranteed punctuality within the delivery windows of the customer. The dispatcher has all the information and tools to make manual adjustments. We can now add drivers ... and vehicles to the routes ... and we are ready to start delivering. At this time we have an exact route plan and can notify the customers. Also, the driver has received his route plan in the Ufleet mobile app and is ready to go. We highly recommend that drivers use the GPS navigation even when the driver is familiar with the address. This way, with the help of Google provided real time traffic data, we can avoid road bottlenecks. Calling the customer from within the Ufleet app is also an option. Once the driver starts his trip, he marks the delivery task "In Progress" - color coded in blue. This information is returned in real time both to the dispatcher control center and to the customer portal, keeping all participants in the delivery process on the same page. The customer portal now has a very personalized information, including up-to-the-minute ETA and driver's details. The cutomer can dial or text the driver directly from within the portal. Once the driver arrives at the customer's address, he marks the delivery task "On Location" - color coded in purple. Here he can log task specific details which to be used later for proof of delivery or analysis. The driver can either check boxes from a predefined list, type in text manually, or use the built-in voice-to-text feature. This information will become available in real-time to other people from the organization such as dispatchers or customer service teams. In this example, the delivery is a package and the customer has asked for a contactless delivery. The driver can add as many pictures as necessary to the delivery file. Once he is done, the driver can mark the task as Completed - color coded in green - and proceed to the next task in line. The last important step of the process is to ask for a feedback through the Ufleet customer portal. The customer can give one to five star rating and can leave a text message. Unfavourable ratings can be further processed by customer succession teams and corrective measures can be taken. In our case we have another happy customer telling her friends of our perfect service. A great end for the customer journey. Lets have one final view of the details of our delivery - from here a delivery audit of timestamps, locations, and customer feedback can be done at anytime. It's been a pleasure showing you Ufleet. The best way to know more is get in touch and book a free consultation with one of our delivery experts. Take care!