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Vaal River City. The Vision is to expand the University Campuses & create a University City. The New Vaal River City will be designed as a Smart City of the Future and will involve all sectors in its design & creation. Sectors such as Technology. waste & water waste recycling. Transit systems including roads. rail. air & water, are all combined into the city's design. This new city for the people of the region and all South Africans, will be a walkable City incorporating Sponge City Designs with Canals. Marinas. Lakes. Ports. Small Harbours. & Lock systems to open up the extremities of the Vaal Dam. The entire development of the City must include the local Universities & other Universities from around the world where all aspects of the design gets studied as University curriculum. This includes fields of study such as: Urban Agricultural. Natural Cooling design of the City & its buildings. Sponge City Design Modelling. waste recycling design from plastic. Glass. tins. wet & food waste. composting worm farms. bio gas. etc. . This will enable the River City to be designed around the people and in doing so cater to pedestrians. Offer Cycle Paths to cyclists. Security to its dwellers. Be carbon neutral by 2050. and Nourish its people and economy with Edible Urban Plantings & Farming within the City Limits. VAAL RIVER CITY. South Africa's own SMART CITY. Ushering its people to a bright & sustainable future.