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Here are some of the latest investments in startups this week. GraphCMS, which is building a CMS for content marketing agencies, raises $2.7M Seed Compt , which develops perk stipend software for remote teams, raises $1.5M Seed Workstream, which helps SMBs automate much of the hiring of deskless workers, raises $10M Series A Groove, which provides customer service software for SMBs, raises $12M GigaSpaces, which develops in-memory data analytics software, raises $12M Covariant, which builds AI-powered industrial robots, raises $40M Series B Alpian, which aims to provide digital private banking services to affluent clients, raises €11.5M Series A Omilia, which develops conversational AI for customer support, raises $20M Series A Instabug, which helps mobile developers quickly identify and fix bugs within apps, raises $5M Series A