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Hi Núria! I hope you are fine. Sorry if you hear any background noise. It's my neighbor's cat. She's sleeping. As you can see, I chose 2 photos from when I was little. In the photo above I am probably 12 years old and in the photo below I am probably about 10 years old. In both photos there is my Denver dog, which is the brown dog. He died about 3 years ago. On April 27, 2017. He lived 18 years. In the photo above, there is another dog. Mickey is my neighbour’s dog that I sometimes take care of. In the first photo I am in Plaça de la Palmera and in the other photo I am in my garden. In one photo I am dressed all in black and in the other I am all in blue. In one photo I wear a red watch on my left arm and in the other photo I wear a blue hair band on my left arm as well. I hope you liked it. Goodbye, take care.