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How to Text a Guy: 11 Expert Tips To Keep Him Interested What do you say when texting a guy? Since texting has become a norm now, you should know how or what to text a guy to keep him interested. Texting a guy may seem so hard because it’s like figuring out how to say flirty pick up lines, without coming off super-cheesy. While you want to express your feelings and your honest intentions, you can also change the direction of approach to make him chase you. To keep a guy interested through text, you have to be creative and friendly; don’t go so fast and text too much. Maybe you are colleagues or friends and have just met each other for the first time. You can always be friendly, start with greet practices, and later know more about him and the occupation. There are so many ways on how to text a guy. Below are some of the best practices on how to text a guy, and keep him interested. So, how do you keep a guy interested while texting? 1. Start a conversation Naturally, you will be afraid that he may not get back to you or popularly known as “ghosting.” You are a sharp-witted girl; don’t go for just a hey and expect a reply; most guys are lazy texters, and you need to come up with more than a hey for them to reply. Go for something more acute and fierce. You do not want to be the boring girl in his chats; try to be more creative on what to text a guy. The conversation gets awkward and finally starts to end because there is nothing to reply to. 2. You have a life Keep yourself busy and take time to reply to his text. Also, do not push it and do not go texting a guy with so much expectation; search his relationship status and know if he would love to start a relationship again. Once you have learned, it will be even more effortless for you to know what to text a guy. You can use excuses to say goodbye; it should not seem like you are ditching him but in excuse yourself.  3. Ask questions Ask him questions; many men tend to answer questions; this is the only way to get to know the guy better. Texting many questions does not necessarily mean you now know what to text a guy, so don’t overflow him with questions. Just keep the conversation natural and know him better. It is most advisable to leave with a question than end the chat; the guy will keep thinking of you and will be there waiting for your text all day. 4. Reveal your personality Be you. Texting is everywhere in modern day dating culture and study suggests that if you have similar texting habits, you might be more satisfied in your relationship as a result. Be free on what to text him to learn your character and the things you like more than others. 5. Time He is busy. He will not always be available for you. Guys are still interested in a girl that understands and does not constantly nag or is online waiting all night for a reply; instead, they want a girl that understands that he has gone out with the boys and is ready to understand.This will surely keep a guy interested because of the space you give him. If you are getting value from this video, please consider subscribing to our YouTube channel, and give this video a like. 6. Let him text you first. We do not encourage you always to be the one texting; wait for him to come to you. Being the first to initiate the conversation is not wrong, but you shouldn’t alter it. Also, let him know how happy you are getting a text from him. 7. Write less Do not write a whole essay explaining how you have been and what’s going on, be short and precise to keep the guy interested. Writing a more concise text keeps a guy engaged and engrossed in your chat. 8. Do not text twice The basic knowledge here is that you will have to wait for his reply rather than going ahead to write another message. If you want a guy interested, do not show that you are yearning or aching for his reaction. If he hasn’t seen your text, he will eventually come across it. Try not to overdo the texting and keep on sending a never-ending series of texts, and this behavior can make him back off. 9. Use understandable emojis Throw in some emojis in your text to keep a guy interested. As a girl, many would like to go so much into the emojis that you sent; in that case, you have to think clearly and rationally before sending emojis. And try not to make your text too boring. 10. Make a joke. Tease each other and make fun of each other. This keeps the guy interested and light-hearted to talk to. Making jokes makes it easier for a guy to make friends and not necessarily take any obligations. Playing around with these jokes keeps you both vibrant and eager to hear from each other. If you use inside joke when texting a guy, it ensures that he feels more connected to you. 11. Use Sweet Messages. If you send cute messages for him, notice how he respond and how quickly he respond. He answered almost instantly, which is a really important part of the story. After getting cute goodmorning texts for him or goodnight text for him, he will show more attention as a sign of responsiveness, receptiveness, and desire to continue that connection. Conclusion Texting a guy should be so simple; always focus on your intentions, your text’s content, and still talk about it if you are a moody person. Enabling him to know more about you will create room for you to text him more and be open with him. It will be useful to maintain one tone and give him space to text; you should not text too much. Hope this tip was helpful. What do you think about this 11 Expert Tips To Keep Him Interested. 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