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This is your NexGen Tax Team! Attached are your tax organizers. Please return your completed organizers as soon as possible or let us know if you need an extension filed. We pride ourselves in the highest degree of accuracy for all of our in-house tax accountants. Our mission is to navigate the complexities of income tax for you so you don’t have to. We will provide you the personalized service that helps make your company successful. We are able to do this for you and your company by first having you complete the tax organizers attached to this email. You have already paid for this service, so it makes good business sense to utilize our service. The organizers are designed with business owners such as yourself in mind, to streamline the tax process and make it as painless as possible. Please make sure that the organizers we have sent you are the right ones for your business (ex. Individual, C-Corp, etc.) if for some reason we have attached the wrong organizer please let us know and we will send the correct one. Should you have any questions while you are completing the organizer, please feel free contact us. Additionally, if you have any rental properties reply to this email letting us know and we will send you a rental property organizer. Also, if you have completed filing your LLC (or S-Corp) and obtained your EIN number please send the confirmations you received from the state and IRS. If you have not filed them yet, that is fine- we will file taxes in a different manner. Just let us know. During the month of January we ask that you keep an eye out for tax documents you may be receiving in the mail. This would include items such as W2’s, 1099’s, 1098’s, etc. These are the documents that will be used to prepare your 2020 personal taxes. If we are preparing your business tax returns and you have not been utilizing our full-service bookkeeping system, you will need to begin compiling all the business income and expenses you have incurred throughout the year, as these will be needed to prepare your business tax returns. Once you have completed the organizers and attached any supporting documents please email it to us ([email protected]) or fax via 435-414-9177. If you mail your documents in be sure to ONLY send copies as we will not return any of the documents to you! Please make sure you include a copy of your 2019 tax returns if we did not prepare them for you. When sending the 2018 returns, please include the federal, state(s), all schedules, and all statements. Your 2019 return(s) will be a crucial step in preparing your 2020 tax returns. Also, we will be sending out an additional email with the "Tax Preparation Agreement" attachment that will need to be e-signed before we can file your tax returns. Your account must also be current before we will start your tax return. If we are preparing both your business and personal tax returns, it may be necessary that we prepare your business tax returns first. Attached is your 2020 business tax organizer. The purpose of the tax organizer is to assist us in gathering the required information we will need to prepare your 2020 business tax returns. Once we receive the information for your business taxes we will proceed with the preparation of your business tax returns and all necessary supporting schedules and statements. (If we did your 2020 bookkeeping, please still fill out the organizer minus the information we can pull from your income statement and balance sheet.)