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every one wants to build muscle. but it is hard to gain it as fast as you want. so today i brought best tips and tricks to help you do that. If you want to build muscle and get a shredded body there should be some change to your life, like on your diet and exercise routine. if you are ready to apply those changes to your life let’s get started. The first thing you should apply to your daily routine is exercising. and there are specific exercises that are useful to build muscle with some laws. Primarily there is a rep, set and rest interval range that is used to build muscle, here they are. 1, Rep range :-rep range is the amount of repetition you do in one exercise. 6 to 12 reps which should be done until exhaustion is the idle rep range to build muscle. some people do 30 and 40 pushups in a set and they think they will get a very big chest and triceps but that’s wrong. doing more than 20 reps will change the exercise in to endurance training. and other people lift a heavy weight and do 3 or 4 reps, that’s wrong too, this rep range is used to gain strength, so if your goal is to build muscle try to be in the range of 6 to 12 reps. For example, if you can do 10 pull ups now then after exercising for weeks you will be able to do 15 pull ups. so to stay in the rep range you will add some weight then like that you will stay in the rep range. But some people are able to build muscle out of the idle rep and set range that is mentioned before. It is because of their genetics, but they will not get fast results. 2, Set range :-set range is the amount of round you do on single exercise. the set range for building muscle is 2 or 3 sets. some people will do 5 or 6 sets of one exercise which is also very wrong. doing more than 4 sets will not help you to build muscle. so try to stay on the set range stated above. 3, Rest interval:-rest interval is the time of rest between sets. the idle rest interval for building muscle is from 30 second to 1 minutes and 30 seconds. resting too long or too short between sets will not help you to build muscle, so try to stay in the range. Next to the set, rep and rest interval range you should give attention to your Diet to build muscle There are foods you should eat to build muscle. To build muscle you should eat a higher calorie and plenty of protein. Eating protein is must to build muscle because it is the main material for your body to build muscle. There is a specific amount of protein that someone should eat to build muscle. it is calculated with this formula, body mass in kilo gram x 2.2 will be the amount of protein you need in a day by gram. but it is also possible to build muscle with the protein amount as little as body mass in kilo gram x 1.5. But if the protein amount is low your muscle building rate will be low too. so try to maximize your protein intake. And to get the most out of your protein intake you need to distribute your protein intake throughout the day. for example if you eat 20 gram protein in breakfast, you will eat the other 20 gram on your lunch and another in your next meal. and you should take most of the protein after finishing the exercise immediately because the protein synthesis in your body will be high after exercise for 2 to 4 hours. but there is a wrong thought in peoples mind  that they can’t build muscle without protein shake. but protein shake is not must. actually if you can get protein shake it will be good. but you can build muscle without protein shake effectively by eating protein rich food like: chicken, lean or red meat, milk, yogurt, egg, cheese …etc. and there are other protein rich plant food which are easy to afford like: legumes, lentils, peanuts, soy, whole wheat and …etc. With your protein intake increasing your calorie intake is very useful. if you eat a lower calorie in your day your body will use the protein you eat as a calorie which should be used for building muscle. and you will not perform your exercises with full strength if you don’t eat a higher calorie. the other problem of eating lower calorie is your body will break down and use the glycogen in your muscle and use it as a calorie. So you should eat a high calorie food, mainly after exercise because it will support the process of building muscle. but all types of high calorie food are not good for your body like the calorie you get from high sugar food and refined grains. you should get your calories from complex carbs like which you will get from whole grains and from unsaturated fats. Staying hydrated :-staying hydrated have many benefits one of them is to get bigger muscle. You should stay hydrated because you will lose some water when you exercise which will take minerals in your body out of you so you should replace them by drinking water. and another use of staying hydrated is your muscle contains almost 65% to 70% of water so staying hydrated will help your muscle look bigger. Extra tips to build muscle faster 1, exercise frequency To build muscle You should exercise minimum of 3 times a week and maximum of 5 or 6 times a week. if you exercise all days of the week your muscle will be over trained and it will not get enough time for recovery. and if you exercise less than 3 times a week your muscle will not grow because you are not challenging your body enough. 2, Recovery periods :-how I say before you need a day off from exercise because your muscle will get micro tears during exercise and these micro tears are recovered during your rest periods. so you need from 1 days to 4 days of rest in a week. 3, Sleeping :-getting adequate sleep is very beneficial. you should get from 8 hours up to 10 hours of sleep a day because your body produces hormones used to build muscle during sleeping. And it is the time where your muscles are recovered and built. so sleeping well will help you build muscle more effectively. 4, boosting testosterone :-boosting testosterone will help you to build muscle faster. and it will help you increase the protein synthesis in your body. Actually testosterone is the main hormone that controls the rate of muscle building, so it's worth to boost testosterone. That's all for to day.