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Comparing Student 3 and Student 14, throughout the AFL match over four quarters of the game. Comparing Total Distance, Percentage of Max Velocity and Total Acceleration Load, between the two players. Student 3, is younger than Student 14 (which may show student 3 is less experienced) as well as Student 3 is taller and heavier than Student 14. This may mean they play different positions on the field. The data shows, that both students were not meeting their full potential in the warm-up only reaching 750 (14) and 700 (3) metres and Total Acceleration Load reaching 221 (14) and 218 (3). After the warm up, Student 3, reaches the greater distance in metres in 3 out of the 4 quarters. This either means they are working harder than the other or there team has the ball more often. In the first quarter student 14 has a higher total distance and total acceleration load, than student 3. A pattern through these statistics both players are shown to begin slowly in the warm up, then the first quarter when the players have the most energy and want to start well. Then in the second quarter is less than the first quarter but more than the 3rd and 4th quarter. Players continually will fatigue over the period of the game which is shown in the statistics as the decrease over time. Looking at the statistics, player 3 is able to cover more ground and work harder or get more of the ball than student 14.